Jan 21 2010

Open Site Explorer – A Great New Tool for SEO

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SEOMoz have released a new tool for users in place of Yahoo’s popular Site Explorer – Open Site Explorer


Yahoo Site Explorer is used by SEOs to find the number of backlinks a page has. Google isn’t used for this as it doesn’t give you an accurate number.

Now, one question arises: Why develop such a tool when Yahoo is already very good?

I’m sure you have heard that the search side of Yahoo may be taken over by Bing, and if this does go ahead, there is a lot of speculation that Yahoo may close Site Explorer.

This tool is very rich in features and the amount of information it gives. Master this and you will have that extra edge over most of your competitors and contemporaries (Unless, of course, they also use this!)

The cool aspect of this tool is the amount of options you have to play around with, such as filtering links which are nofollow only!

Many have asked why SEOmoz have brought such a tool when they already have the great LinkScape tool. Well, SEOMoz CEO Rand Fishkin has answered this quite nicely, in a blog post you can find here.

Please let me know what you think!

Ahmed Bhula
Natural SEO Programmer

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Open Site Explorer – A Great New Tool for SEO

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