Perfecting the Services for the Perfect Waste Management

Non-ferrous metals in the form of waste are divided by metal names; classes are subdivided using physical attributes; group membership and grade of the alloy is determined based on the chemical composition; grade of metal using quality indicators.

Sources of metal waste formation formed the basis of their classification: the smelting production forms slags, etc., the rolling production – chips and trimmings, etc. For the famous for demolition services this is important.

The Fine Processing

In the processing of scrap metal specialists need to pre-sort the raw materials. The total mass is sorted into: ferrous and non-ferrous metal crowns (copper, brass, bronze, aluminum). Black – can be steel, cast iron and stainless. Color – differs in gloss, ability to a heat transfer, carrying out electric current and gives in to forging. This group includes all metals and alloys, excluding iron.

Currently, there is an acute problem of processing non-ferrous and ferrous metals, which can significantly reduce the consumption of natural raw materials. That will reduce the load on the ore deposits, will serve as a catalyst for improving the environmental situation and will lead to a reduction in energy consumption. For the recycling of ferrous metal waste, open-hearth blast furnaces and double-stranded units are used, while the costs are much lower than the costs of processing natural raw materials.

  • The collection of scrap metal allows not only recycling it again and save natural resources, but also has a positive impact on the environment. After all, characterized by a complex chemical structure and being exposed to external factors, it is possible to initiate an uncontrolled reaction, leading to the occurrence of harmful substances that pollute nature.
  • Numerous companies involved in the purchase of scrap metal, offer assistance in the analysis of structures and export on their vehicles.

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